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Let me introduce you to Budugu (Bu-du-gu).... My favorite cartoon character…

By vydehibola · March 31, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

This character is created by Mullapudi Venkata Ramana (a telugu writer in India) and the drawings are made by Bapu (famous artist, painter, cartoonist, filmmaker in India).

This is an autobiography of an overactive kid (just turned 7 year old) called Budugu (fictional character). He tells us about all the naughty things he do and various stories about the people live in his house and the neighbors. He also voices his opinion about the world in his own funny way.  It's really funny to read his thoughts.

It is written in Telugu (one of the south Indian language). Initially was published as a serial in local papers and then in the form of a book. The main characters in this book are -

Budugu (The Hero) - See Gaana Pasoonamba (Girl Friend) – Baamma (Grand Mother) – Amma ( Mother) - Naana (Father) – Babai (Paternal Uncle) - Private Mashtaru (Teacher) - Pakkainti Lavupati Pinnigaru (Fatty Aunt Lives Next Door)

Budugu and See Gaana Pasoonamba

Budugu Complaining about Private Mashtaru to Baamma

Amma : "You Crazy boy...what are you looking in the mirror with your eyes closed?"

Budugu : "Trying to see how cute I look while sleeping"

Budugu Proposing See Gaana Pasoonamba

Budugu taking blessings from Amma and Naana

Budugu in Prison a.k.a. School

Teaching /Threatening Private Mashtaru to chant "Budugu is a good boy" - ofcourse in his dream

Budugu running away from Pakkainti Lavupati Pinnigaru

Budugu wants to become a Jhatka (horse-cart) rider. He is so fascinated about it and feels that it is some kind of a heroic job to do. Later when he sees the Train for the first time, he changes his mind to become an Engine Driver. For Budugu his Baamma is the most loving person. She always supports him and saves him from being punished by his parents and Private Mashtaru for the mischievous demeanors. See Gaana Pasoonamba is his Childhood love, once he asks her to marry him. This proves how hyperactive this kid is. Thinking about marriage at the age of 7....lolz...The one he hates most is the Private Mashtaru. He always tries to find a reason to bunk the study hour. He likes his Babai, because he treats him like a grown-up and tells others that he is 10 years old. This makes Budugu very happy as he always desired to grow up very fast. So that he no need to go to school and can ride a Jhatka. There is so much to tell about this little boy, but if I do so it will be a never ending post.

So…finally.... I say….This is my all time favorite book.



posted by sexrandki

I spent last 2 hours reading your articles ! And must say: awseome blog ! !

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posted by parimala

yeah naku kuda chala estam budugu... i read this book in my school n later searched for budugu books but
i didnt find it those books again

posted by

thank you all...:-)....@parimala...search in visalandhra book exhibition....u will def find them...i bought one from hyd couple of years ago.....

posted by Anonymous

Budugu app in playstore


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